March 12, 2013

Fighting The Aging Process

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Unlike many of the Asian decor object that line my apartment, human skin is something that seems to not look as good as it ages. As a woman in my 40s, I’m beginning to have to realize that I need to do something about fighting these wrinkles or I’m probably going to end up looking a little bit like a dusty bag. If only it was true that women were like fine wine; it out of the case, I would probably be a really fantastic bordeaux. At least this is what I think that I would be :)

agingsucksThis is actually not a problem that is unique to me, but at the same time I feel like I should just take it sitting down. I feel that I need to do something about it and make sure that I’m in the best shape that I can be, not only for health reasons, but because I find that the people who treat themselves the worst are the people who have the most obvious wrinkles and other blemishes. I sometimes feel like the skin is a bit of a barometer for what has happened in someone’s life, and if you’re looking rough, it’s probably because he did not treat your body as well as you should have. I think this is something that happens to a lot of people, and although there are some people who say that a lot of the oldest talk about stopping aging is not real and that in fact there are new techniques that are out there, I still feel like the same principles apply to almost everyone.

In my quest to at least stall mother nature as much as possible, I decided to take a look into some of the reviews and sites in order to find what people think is the best wrinkle cream. I you want to spend too long looking at the site, because this is still a purchase that I have to research quite a bit on, but I was surprised at how low the quality is of some of the more mainstream product that you can buy at the store. I guess this is probably something that makes a lot of sense because of the fact that those tend to be lower priced products and frankly are probably more for more mainstream type of use. Whatever the case, I found that a lot of the articles that I was reading were very interesting and very well researched. I did not really know that there was so much material out there on anti-aging products, but I guess it does make a lot of sense because we are such a vanity-based society anyway.

Well, I decided to take a chance and order one of these creams in order to see how it goes. I’ll be posting a review in a couple of months after I tried this stuff out. I’m not saying that is going to reverse my aging altogether, or turn me into Dorian Gray, but I am pretty excited about some kind of results. I feel like I’ve had way too much sun in my lifetime and it is starting to show.

February 12, 2013

Developing Your Ideas Of The World

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I actually remember my first Ming Dynasty vase quite well. it was red, with one of those delicious patterns that makes you immediately think of the beauty of China. I not a major traveler, but I have managed to visit Shanghai a couple of times and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.

What I think was most interesting about my bottle of the fact that before I bought it, I never really knew any of the history of the Ming dynasty. It’s all very interesting stuff to me, not because I actually am Asian by birth, but because I am a person who understands that the world is a lot smaller than many of us think it is. I think we are influenced by almost every culture in the world, and any attempt to try and shut that kind of influence out only hurts us.

It reminds me of the first time that I went to Taiwan. I just assume that I would have another vacation in which I spent a lot of time in cities, but it turned out that I ended up hanging out with friends in a place called Hualien. While I certainly would not have selected the idea of visiting that city myself, a friend of mine really wanted to get out of Taipei, which was where he was living at the time. So what we did was jump on the train and get going down to Hualien within 24 hours of my flight arriving. I was tired, crazy, and a little bit lacking as far as direction. Fortunately, he understood exactly what we were going to do and other accommodations right away. We spent much of the night investigating the local scene, (which was actually incredibly small), but by the next day we were ready to go to a place called Taroko Gorge.

taroko-gorgeAh, Taroko. If you ever get the opportunity to go to a place like this, you should snap it up right away. We ended up riding mopeds all over the country and really enjoying what the countryside had to offer. A Word of warning, though: this is some serious rural country and if you are not used to rural Asia, you will probably be a little bit surprised that some of the things that go on in the area. I’m talking about the Betel nut vendors, and a lot of the strange things that make up the area. Very cool experience, whatever the case.

Which really brings me back to the most important goal of the site: to not only educate, but to provide new ways of looking at things. I think looking at foreign objects such as my original Ming Dynasty vase in order to determine exactly how people lived and understood life, is a fantastic thing. Without this kind of history, I truly believe that our civilization would be back in caves. I can certainly be thankful that this is not the case.